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Website Development

The Internet is not just another channel where you promote your business. It is a massive marketplace through which you can increase the market penetration, acquire new segments of customers, and deliver outstanding service. And ultimately, when you have acquired and served your customers well, your company’s ROI and brand value gets an immense boost.

Websites and web applications are the way through which you can harness the power of the Internet and generate outstanding results. However, there is a need to understand that your website and app should be differentiating factors that will help you stand out of the herd of millions of websites of your competitors’ with each one of them eyeing the market.

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Want to Increase Sales in a Down Economy?

A website or app is not a peripheral element of a business. Rather, even for the most traditional companies, their websites and apps have become a part of their core business processes. There are dedicated strategic initiatives with specified budgets that enterprises adopt and implement when it comes to their digital footprint. And what’s better than having a website and app when it comes to making a mark in the online world.

Naresh Infotech has helped numerous businesses to develop a plan and strategy that they can execute through their websites and apps. Therefore, what we offer is not just a web or app development service. Instead, our team work closely with the clients to identify their business goals and help them plan and develop a strategy that will enable them to achieve these goals through their website and app.

A thorough planning process makes it possible to determine every step and action, which contributes toward achievement of the business goals. Naresh Infotech has the required competencies to achieve success for its partners through its website and app development services. We work with precision and consult our clients in the type of website to be developed for their business based on suitability, which ultimately improves the efficiency of their business.

Check out the various web and app development services we offer to identify the one best suited for your business:

Simple Websites

We design websites for superior performance. We use clean technology and latest development framework to ensure a light sites that load at a super fast speed. Our visualizers and web designers make sure that the ultimate design will lead more eyeballs and superior conversion rate.

Here are some features of corporate site designed by us:

  • Excellent and responsive design that can adapt to any    device
  • Super fast and easy to load
  • Clean codes and efficient templates
  • Powerful security features
  • Search engine friendly pages
  • Optimized images
  • Interactive user interface
  • Multiple browser compatibility

Safety net & build wealth

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You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

A website never sleeps. It provides an opportunity to showcase your distinct abilities to your target audience all the time. In the era of cut-throat competition, a site gives you an opportunity never to lose a prospect irrespective of your working hours. Get a powerful and innovative site that has the potential to attract immediate attention from its users.

At Naresh Infotech, we follow a flexible yet innovative approach to deliver an excellent site. We work closely with you to develop an exhaustive plan. We conduct extensive research on your business, industry, and competitors to develop actionable consumers insight. We use our years of experience, technical expertize, and best practices to come up with user-friendly and attractive design layout of different web pages.

During the website production phase, we regularly update you about the progress. We also seek your feedback and ensure that all the queries and concerns are handled efficiently. After outsourcing your corporate website, you can live with peace of mind and be assured that an excellent site will be delivered on time.

After completion of site development, our software testing team reviews and test the entire site. Paying close attention to details helps us deliver a near-perfect site that can work on any machine.

competitor research & analysis

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Complex Websites

Your website serves as the first moment of truth for your customers. Design a site that acts as a primary influencer for your marketing campaign by effectively inculcating your organization’s vision, purpose, products, and services. A sophisticated website has a lot of features and functionality developed to automate various tasks. You can provide better customer support, let users perform a task dynamically and track users’ action to build power marketing campaigns through a high-end website. A sophisticated website also automates a series tasks and optimizes your business operations. Complex sites are the backbone of Internet-based companies which use the site to perform various marketing and customer service-related tasks and store critical information.

Joomla, Drupal & CMS Websites

A Content Management System (CMS) is a revolutionary software application that enables your users to develop and modify their digital content themselves. Popular CMS software includes WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Combining power with simplicity, a CMS allows you to create and maintain web pages without any programming knowledge.The best part is you just have to log in and start editing your content straight away as per your needs. Get a customized website now and run it with complete control. We strive to complete your project within time and budget constraints and be there at every step from designing to the launch of your company site.

Empower yourself to create, edit and manage content on your site with ease. Scale your content efforts effectively with a super efficient CMS-based website.

E-commerce Website Development

According to researchers, around 40 percent of Internet users have bought products or goods from an E-commerce portal via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices. This growth is unlikely to stop in the future as E-commerce serves as the most convenient way to convert site visitors into regular customers. Our specialized E-commerce web development team enhances your product display by using advanced virtual reality and artificial intelligence tools. Discuss your innovative ideas with our experts now to improve your online sales across all devices by creatively transforming virtual shopping into a more convenient thing than the real market scenarios.

Landing Page Development

ou may be well aware that there are too many business websites on the Internet, trying hard to sell their products or services. It is also a fact that on an average a user spends less than a minute skimming through a web page. There is a cut-throat competition in the market, and the viewer’s attention is of the essence. To survive and grow in a market situation like this, you need a strong landing page for your website that is attractive and enticing enough to hold your user’s attention and emotionally trigger them to take action.

A landing page is a standalone web page, disconnected from a website’s navigation, created for the purpose of convincing a visitor to act (to sign up, install or buy, etc.) and meet their expectations. The primary function of a landing page is to increase conversions and generate a high return on investments. This is done by creating great landing page copy, design and structure, offering solutions and call-to-actions.