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Digital Marketing

Online marketing continues to increase in complexity and every day it seems there are new options to consider…from the traditional search engine marketing, to content marketing, retargeting, paid search, organic strategies…businesses need a partner to help them muddle through it all.

Digital Marketing Services

Want to Increase Sales in a Down Economy?

Looking to Digitally Dominate Your Industry Category?

Do you want your company name to show up in a Google or Bing search? Better yet, how about having it rank on page one or within the top five companies on the page? Having a strong online presence can help you achieve this. When your digital marketing strategies are integrated and aligned with your company goals you will have greater success with dominating your category online.

Is Getting Results

At Naresh Infotech we have the technical know how and practical expertise to help your business grow. We put our decades of experience in marketing strategy, Website Development, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, conversion content development and social media marketing to work for you.

Most importantly, we deliver measurable results from custom and integrated marketing programs created for your unique needs that are sure to result in online dominance.

an Imperative for Your Company?

Depth of experience and knowledge deliver strategic plans with actionable roadmaps that lead to competitive advantage.

We are digital magicians and cost-effective for all types of digital assets, whether websites, apps or any other software needs you have.

Search Engine Optimization

"Reach" Is the Ultimate Success Mantra in Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, every business fight is all about being at the top of Google’s organic search results. Our search engine optimization strategy’s main purpose is to bring you out from the digital darkness and place you on top of the online map, making your business accessible to millions of people. We not only put your website on top of the search engines but also focus on creating a brand that places you at the forefront of your industry.Our highly skilled SEO executives, innovative technicians, and content creators analyze your business and industry extensively and provide customized SEO strategies that help in boosting your brand image and accessibility.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results. Getting better ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) makes your brand visible to millions of prospects. If done right, it can generate a significantly better return on investments than any other digital marketing technique.

More Customer Value Leads to Better Ranking

All of our SEO efforts are directed towards adding value to the user’s experience. After working in digital marketing for years, we have concluded that the more user-friendly your website and content is, the higher it will rank on search engines.

We offer white hat off-page optimization techniques, such as guest posting, social bookmarking, audio and video submissions, PDF and Powerpoint presentation submissions, social media activities and classified posting to promote your site across the internet. These SEO techniques help not only in creating a solid brand image and better ranking but also helps in generating quality referral traffic.

Your Target Audience Is on Social Media

Over the years social media has evolved as an appropriate and efficient sphere of the marketing world. It is highly likely that your target audience is presiding over some or the other social media platforms. More and more companies are joining the bandwagon of using social media for marketing, and it is high time that you chose the right professionals to take care of your social media marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing

Look Beyond Likes, Comments, and Followers

Social media is a sensitive milieu for marketing. If done right, it can generate an insane amount of brand awareness and lead conversion in no time. If not done properly, it can become a complicated maze where your company will run around aimlessly without seeing desired results in the way. Don’t work on social media to simply get more likes, comments, retweets or shares. It is much more than that. True social media marketing is comprehensive and result oriented. It involves creating a long-term social media strategy, implementing it great precision, and assessing the results objectively.

Get Tangible Business Results

At Naresh Infotech, we use professional and sound social media marketing techniques to place your brand on a map that is loaded with your target audience. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals is adept at offering a range of social media marketing services such as social media audit, social profile creation, badge creation, widget strategy development, blog strategy development, community building strategy development, community monitoring, and competitive analysis

Online Paid Marketing

Your Brand Is More Social Than You Think

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, managing the maze of current technologies, platforms and applications is complicated yet necessary. To deal with this, website owners constantly barrage with more and more ways to advertise their sites. Online paid advertising refers to external marketing efforts that involve a paid placement. Remember, online marketing campaigns not only help you broaden your customer base but also increase your ROI.

We, at Naresh Infotech, will help you spot every opportunity that comes your way. You can easily achieve better traction for your products and services. Our 360 degree marketing approach will help you craft the best campaigns and maximize the overall results emerging from them.

Generate More Leads and Boost Your Brand

Whether it is your brand, sales or leads, our marketing team will develop campaigns that will meet your business goals. Explore the following services.


Pay per click online advertising will give you a clear picture of how much you are getting from an investment. Our services will help you in maximizing your ROI and expanding to new horizons. At Naresh Infotech, we can help you make most of your advertising costs by formulating, implementing and winning PPC strategies.

  • Pay only for the clicks on your content
  • Lower your cost when the number of clicks increases
  • Various packages for your specific needs

At Naresh Infotech, we understand that your competitors’ marketing strategies are highly crucial to get your target audience’s complete attention. For this purpose, our PPC experts go through insight competitive analysis programmes to generate desirable results for your business.

Email Marketing is More Powerful than Ever

With the meteoric rise in smartphone usage, email marketing is back in the fashion. Businesses of all scopes and sizes are now using email marketing to increase their lead conversion and brand awareness in full swing. With technological enhancements, email marketing has changed a lot over the years. It has become much more efficient, cost effective, customized and adept at generating instant results.

Email Marketing

In a general sense, any email that you send to your target customers for commercial purposes falls under email marketing. In marketing terms, how you send the email, at what time, for what specific purpose, etc. comes under a good email marketing strategy.

Create a Personalized Relationship with Your Customers

At Naresh Infotech, we provide email marketing services with the aim to present more opportunities for your business and drive a better return on investment. We take our time at learning about your industry, competitions, target audience, the consumer behavior, and retention, etc. and customize an email marketing strategy that best fits your requirements. Through our email marketing strategies, our aim is to create deep and meaningful working relationship with all your customers, regardless of where they are in the sales funnel.

Define Measurable Goals and Strive to Accomplish Them

Since no strategy can be formulated and implemented without a clear-cut objective, we define measurable and quantifiable goals, which we strive hard to achieve. In general, all our goals are directed towards grabbing the customer’s attention, but specifically, we create plans that dictate things like how we will use calls to action and the time at which we will send the emails.

Brand & Identity Development

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition.

Creating brands and making them relevant in today’s digital arena is key to successful online businesses. Branding is a science as well as an art. We deeply research the client’s needs, understand the specific customer behaviour and design online branding strategies for our clients. User interface, online user experience and engaging content are the bottlenecks. We carefully craft and strategize the branding campaigns for our clients in-order to unfold the true and complete potential of their brand before the prospects.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand voice guides
  • Branding and identity design
  • Concept & Ideation
  • Content strategy
  • Custom typography
  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Road Mapping
  • Illustration and photography
  • Logo Identity
  • Presentations
  • Strategic ideas, planning and presentation
  • Style guides
  • Visual design style guides

Why Choose Naresh Infotech?

  • You want an experienced digital marketing company that is recognized for getting results.
  • You are facing digital disruption or industry transformation.
  • You consider your digital requirements to be somewhat complex.
  • You realize that you need a strategic approach that is fully integrated.
  • You understand that in the age of ‘big data’ a data-driven “business intelligence” focus is… well… intelligent.
  • You are or intend to be an industry leader in your category.

Take Action Now, We Are Waiting for You

The right partner can make all the difference. At Naresh Infotech, we will guide you through every step of your digital marketing plan. We can develop a strategic and ongoing approach that will ensure that you get results. We create a roadmap that is unique to your business and your marketing goals.

Our services range from assisting clients create and update websites for better search engine rankings, to creating mobile websites and integrating viable social media marketing with other online initiatives.

If you’re ready to develop a marketing plan that leverages both outbound and inbound marketing tactics effectively, give the experts at Naresh Infotech a call. Either complete the Brief Information Contact Form or give us a call, toll-free at 022 6743 7910.